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Residential Property For Sale In Didim

Residential property for sale in didim guide receivables for the district

didim real estate our office, they are looking for a new home owner to anyone who wants to be the house continues for many years to help you find the quickest and easiest way. the criteria that you want to find easily and quickly the most appropriate ad to increase the number of happy home owners you can have every day we are proud. housing for sale in didim , we have prepared this article for those who desire to get you in the county after transferring all the general information you need to know about the house and the choice of location will provide convenience for you.

aydin, didim town, a tourist feature. is located 101 kilometers from the city center on the southwest side. the neolithic settlement of the county as of the date the first traces of the circuit extends. miken, the cretans, the achaeans, the persians, the romans, the byzantines, the menteşe beylik and the ottoman empire were not many ancient nations, such as by hosting the different cultures of the territory. the county's economy is based on tourism and agriculture. of agricultural products while in first class tobacco in the past today, in conjunction with the decrease in tobacco production than limiting the production of tobacco. enough to pay for wheat and cotton production together with the increase in livestock consumption are made. attractions; the temple of apollo, altinkum beach and in the summer most of the year as more tourists to visit the places which are the condition to be. for those who desire to buy a house in didim for sale, other counties in the vicinity include;

  • the border of muğla province in the east,
  • the west and the south, the aegean sea,
  • in the north of söke town, delimited by the bafa lake and the menderes river on the peninsula, the appearance.

the 2019 according to turkstat data, the population of 85.055 person. 49,10 per cent of this population, percent female, percent 50,90% and consists of men. the total area is 402 square kilometres. mediterranean-type climate in the borough which have the characteristics of summer are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy.

For those who desire to buy a house in didim for sale of the county's residential sales market

general information for those who want to buy a house in didim;

  • the average living space of 110 square meters of housing,
  • the tabernacle was calculated as the amortization period of 27 years.

the choice of the location of the tabernacle on the site to the internal and external features that you have, whether it's apartment, and change prices according to many factors such as proximity to social areas can be seen. modern villa and cottage is located in a county where the type of site which is homes for sale in didim bargain it is possible to find. on our page where you can specify the price range for this listing, you can benefit from a filtration system.

House prices in didim for sale

which is one of the most luxurious districts of the intellectuals who dream of buying a house in didim for men is the price of the house in the first place. especially for you we checked the average selling price by housing type. for detailed information, please contact us.


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